There can never be enough angry birds flying around and this time they are here to knock your Christmas trees down. Rovio has just launched their new, Christmas-themed version Angry Birds in time for the holidays and it is available on iTunes app store (at $0.99, available as free upgrade for Halloween owners) and Android marketplace.

Titled “Angry Birds Seasons” , it is perfectly identical to its non-seasonal predecessor, save for a few cosmetic differences. To keep in line with the Christmas spirit, much of the landscape has been replaced with snow, snow balls are available for use as projectiles, and some of the ugly pigs now sport Santa hats instead of tin helmets. Of course, those pigs are still going to be your main antagonists in Seasons, so don’t expect them to be distributing Christmas presents any time soon. T

That is, unless they offer to sign a peace treaty and return the stolen eggs. And we all know what the outcome was. ^^

say what? f*** off !

Availability begins now, so start downloading away.


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