Have you traveled to Comic Fiesta ? If you didn’t, Comic Fiesta 2010 was a 2-day event held in Berjaya Times Square Hotel at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was an enjoyable trip for me as the photographer-spirit in me was enjoying and savoring the scenery found in the hotel.

lovely scene from the hotel room

Great place and a fun-loving crowd, definitely an experience if you have yet been to CF before.  There were lots of doujin as well as commercial anime merchandise booths inside the ballroom area.

The crowd were awesome and most importantly, the cosplayers. The cosplaying folks from Malaysia were a friendly bunch and it felt great knowing some of them as well as photographers.

Here are some photos taken (more coming up soon, will be posting on forums instead). Do check out our forums on by fellow folks who went Comic Fiesta as well.


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