EOY 2010, an event held in The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) attracted many cosplayers and crowd to the event despite a tiring day from STGCC. TRCC, which is located beside Republic Polytechnic has lots of scenery and different ambiances around the school compound. A different setting as compared to Suntec Convention Halls and also lots of creativity for the photographers.

Danceroid from Japan have also graced the event with performances, check out this post instead.

the insides

the queue before the doors open

Alright folks, here we go. Click on the photos for a larger version

Some of the photos are selected from the forum members, they are:

  • BNN
  • Botak_Ahpek
  • Masonlee
  • Phokage
  • Senshiro
  • Shigekishota
  • xxrenxx

More photos can be found here


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