Kadokawa have released an official declaration on their website that they will not be involved and suggest strong objection towards Tokyo Anime Fair 2011. The declaration comes from Kadokawa along with 9 other major publishers.

While they do apologise to fans who were looking forward to their participation in the event, their refusal of cooperation of and involvement came after the passing of law for the Youth Ordinance Bill on 15th December. The new law proposed law seeks to restrict sales of anime and manga titles that glorifies certain sexual acts that are illegal such as rape.

Here is translated script  –

We announced the emergency statement that refused cooperation and participation in “Tokyo international animated cartoon fair 2011” dated December 10. First of all, I sincerely say the apology to everybody who was looking forward to this animated cartoon fair including the animated cartoon fan for this. However, doing some expression of the wills thought also that the purpose was to cartoon about the whole country the animated cartoon fan after all because it opposed the approval of “Ordinance revised plan concerning Tokyo youth’s healthy development” our being able to do nothing but being to take such an action at any cost. I want to receive understanding of everybody of the cartoon and the animated cartoon fan on this point.

However, the above-mentioned revised plan was passed after all in the metropolitan assembly on December 15 though was pointed out enormous difficulties. The voice that it is not possible to allow it by assuming that the creation activity might be shrunk from cartoonist and those who produce the animated cartoon by the requirement that the revised plan is abstract and vague comes out one after another. We are the one to declare the mind of the protest strongly to the approval of such a revised plan.

It strongly wishes youth’s healthy development to be achieved to say nothing of us. The magazine mark for adults is displayed in the cover as a self-imposed restraint over many years, and the publishing world does the small sum seal stop of two places so that the youth may browse, and has tried to persist in the division exhibition sales in the bookstore and the convenience store for that. As a result, it is not a situation “Harmful books are flooded” that governor of Tokyo Shintaro Ishihara has already said. It fails to understand completely though it doesn’t know to need an indistinct revised plan. Of course, we will make an effort to the thoroughness in the self-imposed restraint further in the future.

As for the application of articles concerning the self-imposed restraint and the unhealthy books specification, the metropolitan assembly is “Outlines of artistry, the sociality, science, and the jest criticism, etc. that the person who had created the work expressed in a work concerned are drunk, taken, and operate it carefully” pointed out that the objection of the ordinance is indefinite when the revised plan is passed.   The supplementary resolution “Try for the proper operation such as securing the examination time considering the outline of the revision ordinance that added a new standard” was passed about the ideal way of the consultation of the Tokyo youth health promotion council that examined books. We strongly request Tokyo to do careful operation of the revision ordinance esteeming freedom of the expression of the writer and an independent effort of the publishing world in accordance with the spirit of the above-mentioned supplementary resolution in the future. There is no change in standpoints of opposite to this revision ordinance we. The problem is determined to be instituted always spearheading it without loosening the hand of the watch of what should be and the operation of the revision ordinance in the future.


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