Lolita fashion runway is set for a return in EOY 2010 with a series of lovely lolita fashion showcases. Find out what this is all about in EOY 2010 and enjoy the beauty and extravaganza of lolita fashion.

Quoting an excerpt from EOY 2010,

What is Lolita Fashion?

Lolita Fashion is a fashion that originated from Japan, inspired by clothes from the Victorian and Rococo era. Over the years, some genres have branched out into other sub-styles that barely retain the classic look of clothes from those historical periods, but those are essentially the beginnings.

The most defining feature of a Lolita outfit is a flared, bell-shaped silhouette in the skirt (with the exception of pants designed for a boyish style suitable for men, or women who want an adrogynous look). The people who dress in such clothes are commonly referred to as Lolitas. This term has no relation to the novel that goes by the same name.

You can read on more about this at EOY website

EOY 2010 will be held in The Republic Cultural Central beside Republic Polytechnic.


Republic Polytechnic
9 Woodlands Ave 9
Singapore 738964
10 minutes walk from Woodlands MRT (Sheltered)

Ticketing is available via Gatecrash

$13 (Pre-sale)
$16 (Door; cash only)
$29 (VIP: General Admission + Guaranteed Seating for all performances + Free Drink) [25% for 3 VIP tickets and above; limited to 1st 60 only.]


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