It is not just an event but also a festival of fun with STGCC 2010 and pop culture events’ success are always accompanied with the crowd of cosplayers and photographers, not to mention the support of the crowd too. The 3-day event sees many cosplayers gracing Suntec Convention and the popular level 3 open grounds.

Such events are always a great place for fellow cosplayers and photographers to meet and also make new friends, not to mention the omake and fun people make with the festival season. I am sure most had fun.

the human crowd at L3

It was an impressive sight to see  wide variety of cosplays from different series although Vocaloid series remain a strong presence in recent events and we are probably going to see it in 2011. What are some cosplays that you are looking forward to next year as a cosplayer and as a photographer ?

‘Nuff talk, here is our mega cosplay coverage, brought to you by SGCafe and some of the selected photos from fellow members of the forum (in no particular order)

  • BPRX
  • Digdub
  • FarizAsuka
  • ffcloude
  • Grayefish
  • macross
  • rayblade
  • usagi-san
  • vincent-san
  • yamapi

More cosplay photos can also be found in our forums here


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