It’s amazing to see food products inspired by anime and a nice marketing strategy that can target the otakus. Well, if you had heard of Lucky Star anime, you might have heard of the popular Washinomiya Shrine where the anime  featured Kagami and Tsukasa as shrine maidens.

This coming new year eve, there will be 15 stores which will sell two types of  “Tsundare Umakara (Sweet-and-Spicy) Sauce” with kimchi at 630 yen each

Kagami’s Gekitsun! spicy flavor (spicy level 3)
Tsukasa’s balsamic vinegar flavor (spicy level 1).

The area has been hotspot for otakus even after Lucky Star ended its airing run back in 2007, particularly the shrine which is expected to hit 500,000 visitors during the first 3 days of new year.


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