The rumor mill is churning as news of goes wild and public.

It may come true after all as Final Fantasy X got a sequel back in 2003. What about Final Fantasy XIII ? How will the story branch out if there is ever a direct sequel. How does everyone feel about Square Enix making a sequel of FF13 ?

Nothing is confirmed yet, we do know there has been much negativity on Final Fantasy XIII, particularly the linear gameplay and if Square Enix were to succeed, much is needed to be done to attract the crowd.

The Magic Formula of Final Fantasy & A Wishlist

It is no doubt that Final Fantasy games were one of the leading games back then, the veteran RPG gamer will recall the days of Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation One and the good old Final Fantasy series on the Nintendo. The series has adapted various changes through the years while retaining the core concepts that keeps the Final Fantasy flavor.

If there is going to be a sequel for Final Fantasy XIII-2, one of the greatest expectations will probably be the extensive gameplay back then, coupled with awesome graphics and soundtracks.


Linearity of the game might be good on some parts, as it keeps you focused on pushing on with the story but lets face it, the original FF13 was so linear for the first 15-20 hours of the game that you wished something bad such as a 1 hit KO will happen. A sequel might hint a shorter but an extensive story in the game. It is a mix of good and bad since storyboard scripting isn’t easy to begin with but we might see Square Enix doing something right this time.

Linearity may stay, sparing the unnecessary criticism and evolving to improve whatever that was missing in its predecessor. From a personal perspective though, the fact of having towns and world map exploration will be a better choice.

Party Control

The battle system in Final Fantasy XIII was relatively good, as you have to balance various classes such as attacking, defending, healing and buffing along with ramping up the Chain Gauge, the downside was that you can control 1 character only during the fight while the AI decides the actions performed by your remaining party members during a battle.

Will total party control during battles be back ? It is highly anticipated.

Direct Sequel ?

At the heart of Final Fantasy XIII lies the story of our lead characters being affected by Fal’Cie and its know-hows to dominate control over the world. The chapter is over in the game but it opens up another with the ending. Lightning and Hope get the highest chances playing the main roles of a sequel.  I will spare the spoilers but folks who completed the game will catch the drift.

Perhaps it was simply nothing

Perhaps it is mere coincidence that the domain got registered for holding or it could be related to the elusive Final Fantasy 0 trademark  that was filed before this or some indirect relation to Versus XIII or Agito XIII.

It might be just a novel. Who knows.

We are looking forward to the answers which might be answered on 16th January 2011.


Because Square Enix is holding “Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere” in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills.

Then again,

It might be just overhype.

How does everyone feel about how square enix was talking about making a sequel to this game?


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