Yupp. Yet another exciting game gets their own final release date, March 31!!

Oh yes you heard right, the popular Sudoku game is coming to 3DS released by Hamster’s Nikoli. Now you must be wondering.. How on earth does one play a 2D game on the 3D platform..? According to Hamster, it was mentioned that “3D will be used to make numbers you’ve added to the play field look like they’re floating.”

Isn’t it thrilling..? Floating numbers~

Apparently, the game also features “stage clear and random problem modes”. Also, it has a competive and interactive side to it as well when the original was just a one player entertainment game. Up to four players will be able to compete with each other to see who would be the fasters to solve the puzzle. All these are made possible via the wireless function with the 3DS.

The good news is, Sudoku is only JUST the highlight. There are also many other games of the same genre included.

More details would be released through the game’s official website.


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