If you have been frequenting the local events of late, you will have saw some comrades with lovely looking dolls but do you know how the retail packaging looks like ? In this article, we are going to show you some photo galore of unboxing a limited edition Dollfie Dream Saber Lily. (DD Saber Lily)

Dollfie Dream is a doll series by Volks Inc falling under the category of Ball Joint Dolls or BJDs as some prefer to call it that way. Of course, Volks isn’t the sole manufacturer around, there are other companies around who make great dolls too

Dollfie Dream Saber Lily was launched during Volks Dolpa 24 event, it is limited and initial availability is via lottery picking. Upon being selected via lottery, the buyer must prepare to pay a rather high prices to Volks – at least S$1800++ . After payment is made, Volks will prepare the shipment and delivery is via EMS if you are an overseas customer.

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saber lily dollfie dream unboxing

wrapped in bubble wrap

Saber Lily is a secret character from Fate/Unlimited Codes, a versus fighting game developed by Capcom, cavia and Eighting which was launched for the PS2 and subsequently for the PSP. She is an alternate iteration of Saber from Fate/Stay Night.

unboxing saber lily dollfie dream by volks

The first impression – lovely box, you will be greeted with a “naked” doll body, protected by bubble wrap and tied with a lovely satin string.

Be gentle, everything is fragile, you will probably break something if you are doing orc-style.

clothes, all wrapped nicely

saber lily dollfie dream by volks - unboxing body

wig, underwear and more… what is inside the white box?

saber lily dollfie dream armor


wearing clothes for lily ? ^^

For a beginner, there are lots to learn upon receiving your first dollfie. Gentle care is needed to avoid unnecessary damage or even stains to the doll body as well as the equipment. It might be tough to put her clothes on but with some logic and carefulness, you will be able to do it

nice heels

saber lily caliburn dollfie dream unboxing

Saber Lily’s Caliburn is included with the retail package as a separate box

very nice detail on the sword and sheath


and now, for some photos

will you hug her?

i shall pierce the heavens

Saber and her Avalon (not included with the retail package)

without her armor

a closer look

a comparison of Avalon and Caliburn (the former is not included with Saber Lily DD)

This is not the end but rather the beginning to the path of taking care a doll. Custom clothes, hair nets and even dollfie stands are some of the accessories you will need to compliment your new “daughter”

Amazing, isn’t it ?

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Special thanks to Christabel for her DD Saber Lily


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