“3, 2. 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!” Screams and well wishes for the new year fills the place. The internet lags and the Telcos jam up from the massive amount of people trying to rush their new year’s message at the “perfect” timing in Japan.

Just then, a random message from SEGA pops out as well. Yup. It seems that SEGA will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary for both the famous games Puyo Puyo and Sonic- the classic games from out childhood, with a “variety of projects”!


However, it is not revealed what the “projects” are. But fans and gamers can expect anything from campaigns and events to..  AN ACTUAL GAME RELEASE!!


The official website, http://sonic.sega.jp/20th/, has been set up where more details would be posted so STAY TUNED for more updates (in english) right here on sgcafe.com!


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