Hakurei Reimu is one of the key characters in Touhou universe, she is the sole maiden in Hakurei shrine and tasked with the special powers to investigate strange occurrences around the world. Her Japanese name is written as : 博麗 霊夢 and Volks decided to make her one of the Dollfie Dream Sisters series.

In this article, we have a few photos of unboxing Volks’s Dollfie Dream – Hakurei Reimu. Do check out our previous unboxing of Saber Lily too

a look at the parts..

note that the neck joint is different, it is slightly curved

nice heels

a look inside a DD’s head, the eyes are secured by hot glue

the clothes and Reimu’s gohei

tadah! we dress her up!

We noticed that the hands for Hakurei Reimu is unable to hold her Gohei, this is not a mistake. You will need to purchase a separate set of hands for her to hold the gohei.

the back

she looks good without her head-dress too

toy not included :3

Lily welcomes Reimu

Volks’s Reimu was now available on retail at a price of 57,750 yen.


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