AIKA SEA will be opening its servers officially on 12th April at 4pm (GMT+08h).

Here are some answers to questions that Asiasoft have put up for AIKA SEA with regards for CBT users:

1) You can continue to use the CBT Client, but remember to patch up to date. Latest CBT Version is 104.

2) You can’t use your AIKA Instant Accounts in OBT anymore. They will be disabled!

3) You will need to sign up for an AIKA Account via Asiasoft Passport and then Tag your instant account to it.

4) You will then need to use your AIKA Game Account created inside to play in AIKA.

5) For those who use AIKA Game Account created from Asiasoft Passport, just continue to use it.

6) Last but not least, all CBT Data will be wiped. Leaving only your Login ID and Password.



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