Duman High School (DHS) will be bringing you Japanese Arts Fiesta (JAF) at *SCAPE,  an event organised by DHS’s Anime, Comics and Gaming Club and Waseda’s Shibuya High School and they will be bringing you a slew of events and highlights to promote different aspects of Japanese Culture.

Date: 28th May 2011

Time: 11am – 7.30pm

Venue: *SCAPE Lvl 5 Gallery

There will be many booths that range from food, cultural and gaming. Expect the usual stage events from singing, cosplay and cultural show performances. Dark Royalties will be one of the sponsors of the event.  For the fans, Sochii and Lawliet will be their special Meidos for the Cafe and Aya will return as a guest judge for the Singing Competition.

Event schedule and more details will be announced soon.

The Theme Of JAF

The theme for this year’s Japanese Arts Fiesta (JAF) is “Friendship”. Through this event, the organisers hope to foster new ties and renew old friendships, as well as encouraging people to have fun and enjoy with their friends.

JAF’s Mascots

Japanese Arts Fiesta will be led by two dangos; named Toki (male) and Doki (female). When the names are put together, it creates the familiar sound of a heart-beat, “Toki-Doki”. This showcases their passion towards Japanese culture.





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