The only way to resurrect is to kill and the only way to find out how is to watch GANTZ 1 (ガンツ) which will open in cinemas on May 12. To mark the opening of the movie, there will be a cosplay party held in The Heeren on May 8.

Event @ Heeren:
Name:  GANTZ Cosplay Party
Date:     8 May 2011 (Sun)
Venue: The Heeren



GANTZ began from a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku, which was later adapted into an anime back in 2005. A 3rd-person shooter video game was also made for the PlayStation 2.

The story talks about protagonists Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya) and Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama) who find themselves in an outrageous situation from which they cannot escape unless they exterminate enemy aliens.

Kurono chooses to fight for survival while Kato refuses to engage in battle, rejecting the world that is controlled by vio lence. Kurono, Kato and the others sharing the same fate are pushed to their limits as emotions clash. In their relentless battle against the aliens, what is the ultimate decision they will make in this absurd world?

Look forward to some strong cast in the movie, here are the cast profiles:

Kazuanari Ninomiya《二宫和也》as Kei Kurono 玄野记

Kei is a senior in a private university in Tokyo looking for employment after graduation. He is a nobody and rarely gets noticed in the campus. Those who know him make fun of him by calling him a ‘lamp lit during day time’. A train ran him down when he helps his childhood friend Kato in a subway station and gets summoned by GANTZ. Although he is confused at first, he gets used to the battles with his strong ability to avert a crisis, and gradually finds a place for himself in the world of GANTZ. However, he loses Kato in a fierce battle and …

Born in 1983 in Tokyo, Kazuanari is a Japanese idol and entertainer. He is a member of the Japanese boy band Arashi and is best known to movie audience for his portrayal as Private Saigo in the 2006 Clint Eastwood’s war film Letters from Iwo Jima.

Kazuanari began his career in the entertainment industry when he joined Johnny & Associates at the age of 13 in 1996. Prior to his debut as a singer with Arashi, he started an acting career when he was cast for the stage play Stand By Me. Since then, he went on to appear in numerous drama, movie and stage productions.


Kenichi Matsuyama《松山研一》as Kato Masaru 加藤胜

Kato is a 22-year-old who gave up high school and college so that he could work to support himself and his little brother. Kurono is his friend from elementary school and his idol at that time. He has a strong sense of justice and is poor but he refuses to give in to poverty. He get summoned by GANTZ when he is run down by a train when he is helping a drunk who feel onto the tracks. He rejects the world of GANTZ that is controlled by violence and tries to find a way to fight without killing the enemy and losing his allies. But in one of the battles, he loses his life …

Kenichi was born in Aomori Prefecture in 1985. He started his career as a model and in 2002, Kenichi made his debut as an actor when he landed a small role in the drama Gokusen. He is known for his affinity to play strange character roles. He is best known internationally for playing L in the 2006 Death Note series of film.

Previous appearances

2011 GANTZ
2010 The Lady Shogun and Her Men
2006 Letter from Iwo Jima
2003 The Blue LIght


Yuriko Yoshitaka《吉高由里子》as Tae Kojima 小岛多惠

Tae is Kurono’s classmate at the university and has a secret crush on him. She is good at drawing and draws a manga whereby the hero is modeled after Kurono. However, she starts to feel uneasy when she notices a change in Kurono after he is summoned by GANTZ.

Yuriko made her acting debut in 2006 and was given the lead role in the live-action adaptation of Hitomi Kanehara’s award-winning novel Snakes and Earrings in 2007. People began to take notice of her and she topped the poll conducted by Oricon on the most promising actress.

Previous appearances

2011 Konzen Tokkyu
2011 GANTZ
2009 Kaiji
2008 Snakes and Earrings
2007 Adrift in Tokyo
2005 Noriko’s Dinner Table


Kanata Hongo《本郷奏多》as Joichiro Nishi 西 丈一郎

Joichiro is a high school student who has been going on missions in the world of GANTZ before Kurono and Kato arrive in that world. He is cold-blooded and is good at using his allies as bait to battle the enemy. He is also knowledgeable about the world of GANTZ.

Kanata was born in 1990 in Miyagi prefecture. He has appeared in music videos, movies, TV series and magazines. His major breakthrough was his role in The Prince of Tennis and he became even better known after he was cast in Nana 2.

Previous appearances

2011 GANTZ
2008 K-20: Legend of the Mask
2006 Nana 2
2005 The Prince of Tennis


Tomorowo Taguchi as Yoshikazu Suzuki 铃木良一

Yoshikazu is a businessman who was laid off when he was summoned by GANTZ. He fights with Kurono and Kato, as he believes in Kurono’s sense of survival and Kato’s strength. He wants 100 points to revive his dead wife.

Tomorowo was born in 1952 in Tokyo. He first earned his living as an illustrator, writer and pornographic cartoonist before making a screen debut in Zokubutsu Zukan.

Previous appearances

2011 GANTZ
2008 The Climbers High
1997 Unagi / The Eel


Takayuki Yamada《山田孝之》as Masamitsu Shigeta 重田正光

Masamitsu is a mysterious man who seeks the truth about the “people who should be dead” and the apartment with the black sphere.

Takayuki was born in 1983 and was discovered by a talent agency when he was 15. He made his acting debut in the TV series Psychometrer Eiji 2 in 1999 and scored his first big role in the 2004 TV series Crying out Love, in the Center of the World (Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu).

Previous appearances

2011 GANTZ
2010 Vengeance can Wait
2009 Crows Zero 2
2007 Crows Zero
2005 Train Man



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