If you have been hoping for a successor following D5000’s discontinuation, there is some hope. Nikon Rumours reported that a D5100 DSLR camera will be announced in the coming hours.

Quoting the source, the D5100 will have the rumoured specs


  • 11 AF points
  • 1080p video
  • Side swivel LCD screen
  • Some kind of a new “Night Vision” mode
  • Should use the EN-EL9 battery
  • 14.2MP or 16.2MP sensor – I received conflicting reports on the MP count. I would say The D5100 will have the 16.2MP sensor from the D7000.
  • If these rumoured specifications are true, the camera will place itself between the old D90 and the D7000 in terms of feature lineup.


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