With the sheer amount of  anime, cosplay gaming events popping up on your calendar, cosplayers are as busy as a bumble bee to prepare their costume and props for the right event to attend. Yesterday, I attended “yet another cosplay” event in Singpaore. The organisers call it “Japanese Arts Fiesta” (JAF), an event of fun to arouse the interest towards alternate aspects of Japanese culture.

Was I aroused ? Quite. In fact, I was rather taken with surprise of the crowd that came during the day. I pondered and looked at the crew and organising committee. They were students and a relatively active bunch of youths with a spurt of youthful energy to tell the public what they love to do and that is cosplay and the fun that comes with it.

JAF began as an initiative by the Dunman High School Anime, Comics & Gaming Club, supported by various companies for the prizes and such. The event saw stage performances, cosplay and karoke competitions, a meido cafe and most interestingly – charity. Together with Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF), the JAF’s proceedings from the booth and coupon sales will go to the children in need.


The cosplay and karaoke competition saw some interesting individuals who took the stage with their costumes and their amazing vocals but at the end of the day, it was all the fun that matters on that fourth floor in *SCAPE. Winners walked away with vouchers and even a brand new camera that day.  Cosplay of vocaloids, anime and gaming characters were plenty in the wild despite the warm weather and the photographers, being photographers swarmed.

Check out the photo gallery below for the slew of photos, click on them for a bigger version. Do check out our community’s take of photos at the forums too



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