The two-day Comifest 2 ended, receiving a rather welcoming crowd despite bad weather on Sunday afternoon. As mentioned in the preview, the event was held outdoors and cosplayers, together with photographers were allowed into the swimming pools for some photography.

Held in Civil Service Club at Bukit Batok, most cosplayers checked out the event on the first day and we caught most of them on camera. Vocaloids were aplenty and I was hoping to see a different cosplay but failed to see any. Surprisingly, I met an interesting group of dollfie owners who brought their lovely ‘daughters’ to the event. I had a great time snapping photos of them and knowing them, are you one of them ? If you are, who is your musume-chan ? ^^

Photos of the event below, click on them for a larger version. Do check out our event forums for a different twist of photos



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