Last year, AKB48 fans were thrilled with the release of a AKB48 game by Namco Bandai for the PlayStation Portable (PSP); they will be thrilled again. Namco Bandai has confirmed the sequel and will be titled “AKB1/48: I fell in love in Guam”

The game remains as a dating simulation game and your “mission” in the game is to date one of the idols and fall in love. The significant change in the sequel is that the story is set in Guam, so expect several lovely scenery based on this lovely island.

AKB 1/48: I Fell in Love in Guam will be released in October 6 for the PSP at a price of 5,299 yen for the standard edition which includes a photography.

A special first print limited edition which includes a UMD video with 120 minutes of unused  footage, 10 photographs, a 4-disc 420 minute DVD worth of fashion collection videos, a special Team 4 DVD, a collection of 48 posters with a product code for 48 PSP custom themes, a blu-ray disc with HD versions of the confessions of the idols from the first game, all of them in a special box. The price ? A hefty 13,629 yen.

There is also another special edition which includes the unused footage and 3 photographs retailing at a price of 7,329 yen. Trailer below


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