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Don’t know if you should play Dragon Nest? This post should give you sufficient enough information to get the ball rolling!

First impressions are always important, and DN has given me a real good one. What is Dragon Nest?

Dragon Nest (DN) is a MMORPG with elements of action gameplay. If you like dazzling spells or impressive moves, this is the game for you. So how good does the game fare?

Blurring out close up view for some reason.....


For a F2P game, it feels really polished, the character movements aren’t as blocky as other games and I loved the simplistic design of the environment. However it is in Closed Beta and Closed Beta often comes with bugs. (Damn it)
For this duration of the closed beta I’m playing a Elemental Lord and a Paladin. Elemental Lord is the second job for the Sorceress class while Paladin is the second job for the Cleric class. They’re both DPS and Tank respectively. The party system incorporates a system called Blessing points; if you prefer to solo, you’ll consume more BP, however when you are grouped, BP consumes lesser, also for a bonus, if your party has a friend in it, you get additional XP!

I wouldn’t want to dull you with words so here are some awesome screenshots taken during a group mission to Ambush Point Abysss difficulty.


In Dragon Nest, Clerics drops giant relics from the sky.



Hobgoblin Boss




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