Shanda Games International (SDGi), together with Eyedentity Games unveiled one of the top massive online action role playing games in Singapore. Titled Dragon Nest SEA, the companies held an official signing ceremony at Hard Rock Hotel, Resort World Sentosa with Thomas Lim, director of interactive media, games and publishing, Media Development Authority (MDA) as the witness.

Dragon Nest SEA sets itself apart from traditional MMORPGs with its unique gameplay system to engage and evade enemies in real time, your accuracy in-game is not determined by character stats or simply selecting an enemy to attack but rather real-time aiming with a crosshair in third person view (ala Gears of  War). Players are able to choose the difficulty of the dungeon before engaging, of course, higher difficulty gives the party better returns such as rare loot.

Interestingly, the game will allow players to join a party of up to four players and engage dungeons without latency issues as other online players will not be in your dungeon room during party raids. Dragon Nest is powered by a proprietary “Eternity Engine” and is also the first RPG to integrate third-person shooter alike shooter elements with a controlled party system in the vast world of Lagendia. The game will support PvP elements although more details are expected to unravel in the upcoming The Games Xpo 2011 (9-11 September 2011). Four main gender-locked classes will be featured in Dragon Nest and they are Warrior, Sorceress, Archer and Cleric with a subset of 2 specialized classes per main class.

Various publishers around the world have secured Dragon Nest for their respective regions with the Japanese region being one the main highlights as the theme song was done by Gackt, who also voiced Belskard, the game’s villain.

For the South-east Asia version, the game will be getting its own theme song titled “The Eternal Path”, was sung, written and composed by a talented professional musician, she has a youtube channel “katethegreat19“. Do check out her channel, it has some awesome songs.

Dragon Nest SEA will also be engaging Miyake Wong as the official representative for the game’s Archer character, Miyake is no stranger to some with her appearances in major brands such as Canon, Nokia who is an avid gamer.

Along with that, the localization of the game will be done in Singapore with strong support from various government agencies. The game will be free-to-play with some unique character customization available in the cash shop, payment is done with Cherry Credits who will be handling the micropayment solutions in the Dragon Nest SEA. A closed beta testing will be open on July 13 and ends at July 19. Following that is the open beta which will be available to everyone in the month of August.

Starhub will be official network provider for the game service, running the game on Singapore’s Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN) with a bandwidth of up to 10Gbps on fiber.

Check out the official website of Dragon Nest SEA here

Japanese trailer of Dragon Nest, nope, you are not getting that in SEA version

Addison Kang, VP of Shanda Games International with Daniel Choi of Eyedentiy

Thomas Lim, director of interactive media, games and publishing, Media Development Authority (MDA)

Alienware is the official laptop



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