I had a chance with a hands-on on Street Fighter x Tekken when Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong brought the game to Singapore for some hands-on preview. It is interesting to note that in Street Fighter x Tekken, super moves are now charged instead of executing a motion to perform the super move.

How is is this done? Read on to find out more

Before we even begin, our character roster came with 14 fighters from Street Fighter and Tekken universe in this early build of the game. Of course, we are expecting more characters in the final build and perhaps even the looks of the interface might change as well.

My game began with using the usual characters Ryu and Ken, it was a big surprise when I realize the super moves in the game do not require any gauge in particular but rather performed by charging up a normal move. Using a “Hadouken” for example, you do a QCF +Punch  for the normal fireball, hold it down for a EX version and holding it even further will result in a super art move.  For Tekken characters, your super moves are done in a same fashion.

So what does the gauge at the bottom of the screen do ? It is for Cross-command, the game allows you to choose 2 fighters from the roster, in which both characters have their life bar. You can perform moves and then do a medium punch + medium kick together to switch to your partner and follow up with another attack. This consumes one level of your cross-attack gauge.

Having said about the life bar, the overall format of the game is similar to Namco’s Tekken Tag Tournament, each round ends once one character runs out of health; It is different from Marvel vs Capcom so you have to keep an eye on your characters’ life bars and switch accordingly to restore your secondary partner’s health.  It doesn’t look impressive to me but I will hold my reservations until the final build of the game.

Wall bouncing is something that Street Fighter players will need to get used to, attacks can bounce opponents off the floor and against the walls which in return, allows you to setup some juggling attacks and pairing it with cross-assault attacks. Another method to begin your cross-assault chain is to hit both fierce attack buttons. This executes a launcher move similar to the Marvel vs Capcom series, the camera will zoom-in for the launcher attack which you can follow up.

While there are no really fanciful moves (well, except Kazuya with his super move), Street Fighter x Tekken gives me the “slightly slower” pace than Street Fighter IV for that critical punching feeling in exchange of speed. It is subjective but it’s going to have a hard time appealing to the general public who are accustomed to their universe of fighting games.

The game is not polished given that it is not a final build but it does look promising for the casual gamers. We will leave it to you to decide if you will get this game when it launches for retail in 2012 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360


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