Energetic Girl, Yui

First up, we have a treat for the fans of Angel Beats!, a 3/2 for Yui that has just about all the unique characteristics of Yellow. She can’t be chosen by opponent effects, gives soul and power to other characters when she enters, and can return opponent Center Stage characters to Hand when she attacks.

Singing of Love, Azusa

And for another set of fans, from [email protected] 2 we have an Azusa with higher power than normal. This is because without a certain card in your Memory, she can’t Front Attack.

Close Friends At All Times

A staple tap event card, but good to know the release has it. Such is the power of the Twin Angel teamwork!

Shijima Sui – Hostess

At first it looks plain, until you notice it’s defence. Really a wall, at the cost of attack of course.

Marquis of Hell, Amon

Today it’s a Grade 3 for Dark Irregulars, which as the Vanguard gains power for every card of it’s clan in Soul. And to help with that, it has an ability to Counterblast 1 and put a Dark Irregulars Rearguard to Soul to make your opponent retire one of his Rearguards.

Black Cat Dragon Sealing Squad

Once again we have cats! This time they are anti-dragon, with an ability that deals extra damage to dragons.


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