Wakura Yuina – Only Daughter of Fukuya

First up for Victory Spark, we have the granddaughter of the Fukuya Inn, Yuina, with a spark that lets you look at your opponent’s hand and remove a Cancel from it.

“Toys of Flame” Rat

And for WS, we have a Phantom Thief level support that can also blow away a Level 3 or below character, when it is played from hand. Costly to do so though.

Black Santa Anzu

And for today’s DC PR, this time it’s Anzu! When she is played out, you reveal the top card of your deck, and if it’s Level 1 or higher, she gains 1000 power until the end of your opponent’s turn!

Zealous Newspaper Club Member [Shinmon Yayoi]

For Chaos TCG, this time it’s a very useful character, that lets you fix your hand by dropping 1 card to retrieve a character.

Doreen the Thruster

Today’s card for Vanguard combos with yesterday’s Amon, as it gains 3000 Power when your cards go to Soul, as long as you have a Dark Irregulars Vanguard.

Twinkle Knuckle

Twinkle Knuckle is a Battle Spell that only deals damage to Units with Items, and like Fire Javelin, it has a Dual version that can do more damage, and also negate the effect of an expendable item the Unit is using.


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