Image Change! Makoto

First up, we have Makoto from [email protected] 2, with a Climax ability that lets you bring in a potentially higher level Music character into play, although it will return to hand later. If that character has Encore Step Change however, something cool can be done :D

Irregular Slipped into the World, Otonashi

And for the Angel Beats! EB, we have an Otonashi that can retrieve characters, though your Memory decreases as part of the cost. Nice portrayal of what he did in the story, helping others move on.

Black Fund [Tesla Violet]

For Chaos we have one of the antagonists of Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel, Tesla Violet. Once again we can see some support for the team, since Tesla gives her sister an additional 2 ATK, and also allows both of them to shoot 2 damage to any character when either of them attacks.

Jiroumaru Tarou – Unpopular Novelist

And for Hanasaku Iroha in VS today, we have a Cancel that can cancel cancels, and also sparks back to your Hand when it sparks out!

Fury Dragon, Sparksaurus

Today’s Vanguard card is a Tachikaze Unit that lets you search for another copy of itself from the Deck and call it when it goes to the Drop Zone, so it can replace itself when lost.

Skeletal Cursed Swordsman

And for Monster Collection, we have a Unit that can be instantly summoned, as long as you have a Demon Sword equipped by one of the units in the party.


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