Lesson Today Too, Chihaya

Today’s WS featured climax combo is Chihaya’s, which lets her attack the Back Stage if you pay 1 Stock when you play the climax card.


And the climax for that combo is a Power +2000, Soul +1, to help make sure you can defeat the larger back stage supporters.

Poor Encouragement

Today’s Chaos card is an Event featuring Fione Silvaria, and makes a player draw 2 cards, an effect that can be used for one’s own hand advantage, or to do indirect damage to your opponent.

“Fest It Up!” Ohana – Waitress

After the Heal card yesterday, today we have the Burn card for Hanasaku Iroha. As usual nowadays, they partner each other. And again, the burn is based on the number of <Flower> cards in your Retire, so it isn’t strictly limited to Hanasaku Iroha.

Knight of the Sturdy Saber Carradock

For Vanguard, we have a PR card with the same ability as yesterday’s, but is a different Grade.


And today’s theme for Monster Collection is animals, and first up is an Elephant, that can benefit from being the first or the second attacker, with Charge +3 and Defender +6.

Poison Toad

As for the other card from Monster Collection, this time it’s a toad, and just like a real one, it is deadly to Insects, being able to deal 20 damage to them.


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