As sweet as chocolate

Lately be it at events or online, we see endless spam’s of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt cosplays. But what’s not to love? Lovely ladies and pretty boys dressed in their best. One of the cosplays that caught our eye was by Indecisive Persona from the neighboring country, Malaysia. She recently visited Singapore during the event Cosfest 2011 and cosplayed, Stocking.

Her costume was beautifully made and attention was paid to even the finest detail and we are sure anyone would wish for a beautiful angel such as her to float down from heaven to save us all!

Cute and bubbly, she was seen at Cosfest 2011 with fellow Cosplayers Yingtze as Panty and Seejun87 as Brief. She is a versatile Cosplayer taking on both male and female cosplays and series such as 07-Ghost all the way to Kuroshitsuji. As stated by her, she is indecisive and that is probably why she cosplays. She can be so many kinds of people with different personalities and never get bored. She is definitely one awesome Cosplayer to look out for!

Cosplayer : Indecisive Persona

Series : Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Character : Stocking

Photography : ShiroAng

Country : Malaysia

Deviantart :



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