Today is August 31 and that is Hatsune Miku’s birthday. It is Miku’s fourth anniversary since her debut launch. If you are a member of Tinier Me, join in the celebration of Miku’s birthday !

For beginners, Hatsune Miku (初音 ミク ) is Crypton’s third Vocaloid in the lineup and also the first to debut on the VOCALOID 2 engine developed by Yamaha and a university for the purpose of synthesizing singing by typing in lyrics and melody.

a fan art of meido miku

Miku’s character designer is KEI with Fujita Saki as the seiyuu for her vocals in the voice bank. Her mascot item is a negi (Spring onion). Miku gained popularity at a very fast pace around world, spanning different fan arts and eventually the birth of other vocaloid characters. It has also spun off into a popular rhythm music game developed by Sega, titled Project Diva.

Are you a Miku fan ? If you are, here’s to wishing Hatsune Miku a happy birthday !!


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