Good Smile Company, the maker for lovely nendoroid figures and scaled figurines have something special for Miku’s birthday (8/31). And that is marking the availability of pre-order for Hatsune Miku Append nendoroid.

Miku Append is the new version of Miku that was created from the additional library pack ‘Miku Append’. Obviously, some features include her new cool looking hair and her costume.

At the base of Miku Append nendoroid is a stand with LED light, to show her in “Awakened mode”  The little flap on her stomach is also of course included for this pose !! It include some extra parts, as quoted from source:

 Awakened Body (With the stomach flap)
 Awakened Arms (The top of the black gloves is open)
 Awakened Hip Parts (Little wing things are attached!)
 Awakened Cord (A cord coming out of her back!)
 Awakened Legs

Pre-order should be up on August 31 itself as mentioned on Good Smile Company’s Mika tan blog


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