Touhou Hisoutensoku tournament returns to A.C.M.E and interested players can put their skills to the test. Hisoutensoku is an expansion for Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. It was released back in Comikiet 76.

Here is what you need to know about the competition that will be held in A.C.M.E .

Registration is now open! Players please send in your application with the following details to [email protected] by 20th Aug 2011 :

Nickname / alias :
Real Name :
Contact Number :
Special requirements : (ie will bring own controller. Need higher chair…etc)

If you wish to send in your game profile please attach it with your application e-mail.

Touhou Hisoutensoku Tournament Rules :

Tournament will be held using Touhou Hisoutensoku (12.3, patch 1.10)
Only keyboard will be provided. Contestants are allowed to bring their own Joystick / Joypad for use with prior approvals by the organizers. (No modified equipments or memory / turbo / quick / moves playback buttons allowed)
Each Match is 2 rounds.
Elimination /Knock-out rounds will be : TBA
Quarter-Finals / Semi-Finals / Finals will be : TBA
Free selection of characters. Contestants are allowed to switch characters/profile between matches. Due to time constraints, no changing of cards / profile is allowed.
Contestants must register to enter the tournament.
Contestants are requested to be present at the game area 5 mins before the start of the tournament to draw for your line-up position. Please follow the timings given and be present at the game area for the match. No show will be considered as walk-over in favor of the side present.
A rematch will be given if there are game glitches or technical complications.
Organizers of the Tournament reserves the rights to make all final decisions including changes to the above rules.
Most important rule of all! Take it easy and enjoy the game! Even if you are a beginner, feel free to join the tournament! :3

The game will be played using 2 computers direct linked netplay. Match play may change depending on the number of players.

For the sake of personal hygiene, hand sanitizers and wipes will be provided. Contestants are encouraged to use them and please remember to wash your hands before playing!
Replay files from the game will be made available for download after the tournament. And if resources permit, video version will be made available as well.



All battle stages will be allowed in the competition. Selection will be on random.

Tournament Timings :

11am sharp – Briefing and draw for starting match-up. Followed by warm-up matches / practice matches.
12pm sharp – First knock-out round begins.
3pm sharp – Semi-finals.
4pm sharp – Final Matches.

The timings above may change depending on the number of players.

A.C.M.E will be held in Suntec Rooms 325/326 (Level 3) and Foyer  on August 27 2011.


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