With many AKB48 fans rooting for their favourites, Shinoda Mariko takes the crown as the champion of the Janken tournament. It is more than that as Shinoda-san unveiled some hints about their upcoming single.

According to Tokyohive, Shinoda, who is the oldest member of AKB48 has her producer Akimoto Yasuhi to request a song for their upcoming single. Quoting the source,

 “The AKB up until now had the image of a cute and energetic group, right? However, for this single’s Senbatsu members, tall members like Akimoto Sayaka (5’4.4”), Kojima Haruna(5’3.8”), and I (5’5.1”) will participate, so I believe this aspect will have an impact (laughs).”

Shinoda continued, “In addition to SKE48’s Kuwabara Mizuki, I think we will have a sporty kind of group. This will be an AKB group that you have never seen before.”

The new single will be slated for release in December this year.


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