Even if you can’t see me, even if you can’t hear me, I’ll be by your side

STGCC just passed by and we spotted Cosplayer Inuran aka. Ototsuki cosplaying Madoka from the series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Bubbly and energetic, she was seen queuing in line for her turn to meet Kipi who was happening to be cosplaying Homura Akemi from the same series that day. We couldn’t help but to do a feature on her!

Inuran has been cosplaying for the past 9 years, starting exactly in the same year Cosfest had just begun! Debuting as Inuyasha from the well known series Inuyasha. “I had never ever tried cosplaying before and when coordinating a group, being able to cosplay with a group of friends made me excited and really happy!” she said and since then, sh has been cosplaying her fill and also forming plenty of groups to cosplays with! Look out for more of her cosplays!

Inuran’s cosplays slowly progressed through the years and in the year 2008, she represented Singapore in the World Cosplay Summit. Check out their skit!

Inuran was also one of the first few Singaporean Cosplayers who started to film Cosplay MV’s. Together with the help of photographer/ Videographer Zeratul and her friends, they worked hard to create MV’s that clearly reflected each character. Check out some of the video’s they have made together!


Cosplayer : Inuran aka. Ototsuki

Series : Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Character : Kaname Madoka

Photography : Garion / necrofantasian

Country : Singapore

Deviantart : http://ototsuki.deviantart.com/


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