Diablo III beta is now live and available for play to all selected Battle.net users. Of course, it is without doubt that I will get my hands on with the different classes available in the game. Here is a quick look of how the beta goes

Upon logging into your Battle.net account, you will find a option to download the Diablo III beta client which upon launching will download a handful of files for the game. Clicking the Play button will bring you to the login screen which has adopted a similar style to StarCraft II’s login screen. Do note that this is still in beta stage, the looks might change in the final retail product.

Logging in is snappy and we are brought to the character creation screen, gamers will have the chance to check out all five hero classes — barbarian, witch doctor, wizard, monk, and demon hunter. All five classes have different genders which gives different menacing looks.

A female wizard (more photos of different classes in Gallery below)

A female wizard (more photos of different classes in Gallery below)

The beta allows up to 10 hero slots per account and I gave it a try with my first character, a male Wizard which specialises in ranged arcane mastery but a fragile physical defence. The game begins with you following a certain prophecy and arriving New Tristram, a town besieged by the undead and unspoken horrors after a “star” has fallen to the nearby Cathedral.

You’ll be sent on quests to kill the undead,  like finding the Skeleton King’s crown and having it repaired. You’ll partner up with Leah for part of the trip and she’ll fight alongside you. I will keep the story short to avoid spoilers but in general, it is rather straightforward in this beta and you shouldn’t have any problem getting lost.

Co-op mode brings gameplay to another level which you along with your fellow party members will complete quests. It is still as fun as ever and you will definitely appreciate the aid your melee tanker can provide you while you wrestle your way through as a paper mage (sorcerer).

The skills work pretty traditionally and being a sorcerer, I begin with two ranged attacks which you will gain new skills as you level up, most of them concentrating on pure offensive. Like its predecessor, you have your health bar and your arcane bar(mana pool, each class has a different pool)/

urrggh~ getting killed will result a loss of 10% durability to your items

Graphics-wise, I’m loving how those undead pops up and exploding its guts as well the physics of destroying tables and random doodads. The atmosphere set in the game is just perfect, it is a lil unfortuante that I was unable to crank up the graphics to even “extreme” settings as this is being limited by the beta.

I know I will be expecting plenty more in Diablo 3 and this is just a small part of the excitement it has to offer. There is no definite announcement when this game will be launching but speculations are pointing towards the upcoming Blizzcon where more details be unveiled.


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