Lets face it, there are only a few “top tier” first person shooters that we are all familiar with and most people will probably turn their heads away when hearing unfamiliar titles they have not heard of. Asiasoft, however changes that with the introduction of a new web portal which they dubbed it Playfps.com, a community centre for FPS game updates and FPS gamers to communicate with all over the world. Together with the new community portal, they have also launched their new first person shooter, developed by Red Duck Inc.

Titled Alliance of Valiant Arms or A.V.A in short, this title is a MMOFPS and is set to be available in South East Asia regions soon.

A.V.A which runs on Unreal Engine 3 will set the level of these MMOFPS that we know of to a new level in graphics. Players can choose between three different classes such as the general purpose rifleman, a pointman which carries light sub machine weaponry and the sniper for cover fire. The three classes will be present in two different factions which locked in conflict.

There are several gameplay modes available, they are:

Escort Mission
– Win by safely escorting the tank to a target spot within given time or by impeding the opponent’s tank.
Conveyance Mission
– Recover the nuclear sack from the opponent’s camp.
Demolition Mission
– Demolish the main mission objective within time. (The bomb is in the area. Move around the map to fi nd it and fulfi ll the mission.
Annihilation Mission
– Lead your team to victory according to your points after earning targeted points or reaching time limit. In case of opponent’s death during game, you can recover identifi cation tags and the player who obtains 3 identifi cation tags during 1 respawn is attributed a war tactic score.

PVE Mission

– Enjoy the AI war mode designed so as to provide fun and action even to beginners. Up to 4 players can cooperate to experience 3 different levels of game. Diffi culty of AI increases as level goes up. Recover your character’s weapon and strength by killing opponents. (Appropriate tutorial mode for beginners.)

Interestingly, A.V.A supports squad-based gameplay and squad leaders are able to give commands and communicate with the squad members. With the game in the MMOFPS genre, players can expect character growth where they will unlock new weapons and customizations.

The gameplay requirements for the Alliance of Valiant Arms have also been released:

It is without mistake that this is probably one of the better looking first person shooters going for free (with in-game cash items) in this region. The game is supporting stereoscopic 3D vision which looks equally fun in its own sense. You can find out more of the gameplay mechanics details here on the official website.

Oh yes, do check out models that were present during the media event yesterday ^^


AVA officers ?

soldiers guarding the entrance to the media event ? ^^


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