Anime Festival Asia 2011 has ended with a bang with cosplayers and the public witnessing the greatest in regional cosplay competition. Cosplayers from neighbouring countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand participated, showcasing their greatest in their costumes.

Team Philippines took the crown with their lovely Dissidia Final Fantasy cosplay, a battle between the warrior of light and chaos which ended up with Chaos winning the fight. Team Thailand got the first runner-up position with a cosplay re-enacting the trailer scene in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Team Indonesia gets the second runner-up with Kamen Rider cosplay.

Other teams put up a good performance with Team Singapore cosplaying leads from Star Driver and Team Malaysia with a cosplay of Ouke no monshou – Isis and Carol

Team Philippines

Team Thailand

Team Indonesia

Team Malaysia

Team Singapore

Along with the Regional Cosplay Competition, a new category known as the Singles were introduced where selected cosplayers in AFA will do a “cat-walk” on the stage. Winners were given some lovely cash prize and one of them got a kiss from Usagi! (check out the interview with KANAME and Usagi here)

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