Many fans will recognise the faces from Sea A, a new idol group made up of Winnie, Beryl, Valerie and Estelle with hopes to capture the hearts and minds of anime fans, both in Japan and overseas. The idol unit made their first debut in Anime Festival Asia as moe looking meidos in Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe.

SGCafe has a quick talk with the lovely and actively cute looking folks from Sea A.

Q: Quite a number of fans are now Sea A’s origins. How does it feel right now as an artiste who can speak English and Japanese? 

A: It really feels quite different and amazing as we couldn’t understand Japanese a year ago. Now, we are able to understand Japanese and even though we could not speak everything in full sentences but we are improving and we hope to inspire and communicate with anime fans with both languages and connect better.

Q: You will be releasing your second single soon, what is your feeling about this song?

A: We have a lot of fun and It is really exciting as it is our first CG PV. We have our set made against a green screen and we have to imagine ourselves in the scenes and our director made the setting very well to make this PV happen.

Q: What’s with the cakes?

A: It is related to the anime “Toriko” as there are flying cakes in Toriko’s world. It is full of adventure and we are the cheerleaders to bring out the energy and “give them food” as a metaphor to encourage those who are feeling down.

Q: What are the challenges you encountered during recording ?

A: It was tough and we were nervous to sing such a fast song. We went through the lines together and practised until we can sing the song perfectly as there were many tongue twisters in it. Estelle was the first to go through the recording and was worried, the directors were there to guide her through that she is fine and doing well.

Q: SEA*A songs are live and bubbly, do you see yourself singing slow and calm songs – perhaps ballads ? Do  you love ballads

A: There are no plans right now but we won’t know in the future. As for ballads, we love all kinds of songs.

Q: If you are seiyuu, what is the kind of character that you will see youself as voice as ?

Wynnie: I want to be a boy character. My voice is quite deep and husky/

Valerie: I think I will be a a little girl as my voice is higher pitched, I should be able to bring out the character of a young girl with my voice

Beryl: A lady – a calm person

Estelle:  Pikachu. We were presented with a pikachu voice acting that is too epic to be mentioned in text.

Q: Any message for aspiring idols ?

A: Never ever imagine, don’t be afraid to fight for your dreams


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