A group of Japanese lawmakers are proposing to create a new city that will replace Tokyo as an emergency or backup city in the case of an natural disaster or other forms of critical emergency.

This came as a concern to many after the 311 Tohouku earthquake, one will think that a real big shock of the same magnitude hitting Japanese capital will create an impact much severe. Lawmakers are suggesting the new substitute capital to be located at the site Osaka International Airport at Itami. The new city, together with Tokyo will transform Japan into a country driven by Tokyo (east) and Osaka (west)

Of course, the new city will consist of resorts, office and even casinos. The new zone will be named Integrated Resort, Tourism, Business and Backup City (IRTBBC) or National Emergency Management International City (NEMIC). Japanese politicians are planning to request 14,000,000 yen (~US$180,000) to study the feasibility with the project.



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