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Introduce yourself!!

OHAI. I’m a cosplayer from Singapore. I’m forever 15 years old and I love sweets, LOTS of it. I prefer watching animes than reading manga because to me reading is a pain in the ass. ERHEM. My favorite series at the moment is Gintama and I’m quite sure it will still be my number 1 in the next 10 years. LOLOL! My favorite colour is purple and that is also why my nick is ‘vio’ (from the word ‘violet’) 8DDDD.

Why do you cosplay?

Well, I felt that being able to bring your favorite characters to life by yourself is the best thing of cosplay. Also meeting a lot of friends and people from all around the world because of this hobby is awesome too. I really enjoyed the whole process of cosplay including the making of everything such as the costume and props. Plus it is really nice to be able to ‘escape’ from the boring real world and become someone else once in a while isn’t it?


What and when was your first cosplay?

Naruto in year 2008. You do not wish to see or know how I looked at that time. Everyone have a failed moment and that is one of mine. HAHA!

You seem to have a particular interest in cosplaying characters from the popular series Gintama. Why is that?

Well, I really loved the humor and how this series had a hidden story line despite having random episodes every week. Plus it really made me high when they go into serious mode. I swear just 3mins of their serious fight scenes beats whatever crap anime I have watched. It is really nice to be able to cosplay characters from Gintama as you don’t have to worry if you go ‘takglam’ or out of character since most characters have their failed moments. LOL.
Do give this series a try if you haven’t watched it. OR RATHER, DO IT BEFORE I KILL YOU. LOL.


What is your most memorable cosplay experience?

All my cosplay experiences are memorable since a lot of things happened in the process. But one of the most unforgettable experiences will be my photoshoot in Japan at Nikko. It was during winter and I had only one inner wear and my costume (made with cotton cloth). I didn’t know how I managed to survive in that outfit at this super deathly temperate (-5°C) but I’m glad I’m still alive. LOL!

What was your silliest cosplays moment?

A LOT OF IT PLEASE. OMG!!! First, my takglam moments WILL ALWAYS be caught in the camera by I-don’t-know-who. Be it making faces or doing some unglam actions. ARGH, and worst, they are always posted online and seen by my friends. LOL!
I also made a really dumb mistake when I did Ittoki Otoya during TGX 2011. I didn’t realize my reference picture was flipped so all my accessories were on the wrong side throughout the event. I only realized it when someone tells me and it is already near the end of the event. PFFFFT-


You seemed to have cosplayed more females now as compared to in the past. Why the sudden change?

Trying something new I guess. Even though I still feel more comfortable cosplaying as a male, I think it is really nice to try out female characters some time especially when they are my favorite characters too. I do think I looked weird as a female though. =x That is why I always call my female form my twin sister instead. HAHA!

Are your costumes self made or bought? Do share.

I would say both. I use to buy them because I had no idea how to sew. But after I learnt how to use a sewing machine, I started making my own costumes. Part of the reason is because it is fun and a really nice experience. Another reason will be it is cheaper if you DIY. HAHAHA!
Also, sometimes the pre-made costume are either not as accurate or the size did not fit me. So nowadays I will prefer to make them myself.


Do you have any Cosplayers that you look up to?

The first one will be RainerTachibana aka Shizuka from Singapore. Her cosplays are so amazing and she is also one of the reasons why I stepped into cosplay. After knowing her, I realized she is a really nice and friendly person. I’m sooooo glad and happy that I get to know such a wonderful cosplayer. Next will be Behindinfinity aka Jin from Philippines. Another very awesome cosplayer and she is really friendly too. Got to talk to her during AFA 2011 and I nearly died being able to camwhore with her. LOL! I also loved Kuryu from Japan. Her Gintoki cosplays are by far the best I have seen and she is another crazy fan of Gintama. (Y)
Would love to be able to meet her in real life someday. *v*

Were there any changes in your life after cosplay?

Yes definitely. I became crazier (not too sure if that is a good thing LOL) and got to meet a lot of people from many different places! I also got to know more friends which are really awesome. I managed to learn sewing and many other new skills through cosplaying which is really refreshing. Would never have thought I’m able to do all these if I never cosplayed.

Do you have any advice for the new generation of Cosplayers out there?  

WATCH GINTAMA. *gets stabbed* -lol-
I would say to enjoy this hobby with a lighthearted attitude. After all, cosplay is a hobby to have fun and bringing your favorite characters to life. Let’s continue to keep this idea of cosplay to the next generation and enjoy the process of this wonderful hobby! xDDD

For more information and to check out her cosplays visit the following pages:

Deviantart : http://viospace.deviantart.com/



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