Update: The stream is now live.

Original story: It’s the eve of Lunar New Year. Big night.

But that’s not all, if you’re an AKB48 fan. Tonight, the prominent Japanese idol group will be live-streaming a part of their performance from the 2012 AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 concert on YouTube and Google+, beginning from 5PM Singapore time.

If you’ve been meaning to introduce your friends and family to AKB48, there’s no better time than now: go to YouTube (or the Google+ profile of any AKB/SKE/NMB/HKT member), tune into the live-stream, and let their music blare loudly (and proudly) on your PC speakers during reunion dinner. At least, that’s what I’ll be doing tonight.

Better yet, if relatives start with those pesky “Got girlfriend ar not? When you getting married, har?”, point them to the Google+ profile of your favourite AKB48 member, put on a deadpan face, and say: “There you go, Ah Poh. This girl here. She’s… Mai Waifu“.

That’ll shut them up.


Stream starts in less than an hour. Google+ members can also mingle with like-minded friends and other AKB fans right on the official AKB48 channel on YouTube through Google+ Hangouts.



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