Full version of Hatsune Miku song from Google Chrome ad campaign, Tell Your World, went on sale in 217 countries today via the iTunes music store… and Singapore is not one of those countries – iTunes Singapore does not let users buy music.

Instead, Vocaloid fans here will have to buy them from iTunes US or Japan – or wait for the full Tell Your World EP album that goes on sale March 14.

Apart from the titular song, the Tell Your World EP will also include Far Away, Star Story, Fly Out, and eight other tracks, all of which by renowned Hatsune Miku music producer kz from the doujin music circle livetune (under Toy’s Factory Inc. recording label).

The normal edition CD will retail for 1,575 yen, while a limited edition CD+DVD, which includes a music video for Tell Your World, retails for 1,890 yen.

Here’s a brief teaser for the music video – part of which can actually be seen in the Google Chrome commercial:


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