Sega’s upcoming PSP RPG, Shining Blade, has maidens designed by the legendary Tony Taka (T2 Art Works). In the game, those maidens will protect your player character either through enchantment songs (think Macross), or transforming into blades that you can directly wield and fight with.

And now, those same maidens can protect your PSP-2000 or PSP-3000, too; Sega will release a Shining Blade accessory set on the same day the game comes out. The accessory set includes the following four items:

A pouch with changeable covers:

The changeable covers:


A stick-on skin for the back of your PSP:


And UMD cases:

Here’s a banner with everything in the set listed shown:

The Shining Blade accessory set retails for 3,129 yen, and come out alongside the game on March 15.

Source: G-Para



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