Earlier in the week we heard unconfirmed rumours that Hatsune Miku, in her Append costume performing the song Melt, was coming to the PS3 version of The [email protected] 2 in February as DLC, in part to commemorate total game sales of over 100,000 units (Xbox 360 and PS3 versions combined).

4Gamer confirmed those rumours today. Here’s a trailer, followed by a detailed breakdown of the other items coming as DLC on February 1: Change!!!!, a new stage, and costumes and accessories inspired by the [email protected] anime.


Miku Append (ミクアペンド 1,600 yen)


“Today I’m dressed in something kawaii!” Yes Miku. Kawaii. Very kawaii.

The Miku Append pack comes with the song Melt, as well as the Append costume for Miku (and the rest of the [email protected] cast). You can mix and match costumes and songs between the original Hatsune Miku pack (i.e. Miku Append singing World is Mine) in S4U mode. Miku Append will also appear in the main story mode as a rival you can face off against in Festivals, and shows up in the weekly Dotop TV ranking charts.

Miku Append is exclusive to PS3.

Other idols wearing “something kawaii”.


Change!!!! (song, 1,800 yen)

Change 2 My Colour (チェンジ2MYカラー, costume, 1,500 yen)


There weren’t separate screenshots for the song and costume respectively, so I’m pooling them together. Change, the song is your [email protected] anime opening for episode 14 onwards, a quintet-live enabled song (up to 5 members can perform) that improves your Dance image stat in the game.

Change 2 My Colour is pretty interesting. The costume appears to be in dark purple at the beginning of the song (top), but changes to the idols’ respective image colours mid-way (bottom).

Change!!!! and Change 2 My Colour are available for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.


Colourful Star amulet (カラフルスターのお守り, amulet, price unknown)


When equipped, the Colourful Star amulet changes the visual effect you get when in Burst mode, to something resembling the [email protected] second opening sequence. The Colourful Star amulet is also exclusive to the PS3 version.


Apart from the aforementioned items, there are also several new costumes, accessories, and one new stage (exclusive to PS3). Head over to 4Gamer for the full list, and check out their image gallery for a closer look at those costumes.

Source: 4Gamer

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