The face says it all.

It’s a classic “boy meets girl” story. Our boy in question here is Nakai Masahiro. Leader of SMAP. Host of TBS late-night live-broadcasted music entertainment program, Coming Soon (also known as Kamisun!)

And our girl? Hatsune Miku. No.1 princess in the whole wide world. Google Chrome Japan poster girl.Recently just released a new single, Tell Your World, that’s been the talk of the internetz. Also? She’s powered by Yamaha.

Nakai meets Miku for the first time when he sits through a news bulletin for the January 23 edition of Coming Soon.

Upon hearing that Hatsune Miku is a virtual idol who “sings in a natural voice when you insert syllables and intonations into the Vocaloid software”, the 39-year-old’s jaw gets dislodged slightly. Very slightly.

Then he hears more. Nakai starts to furrow his eyebrows.

Before finally, when shown some footage of fans cheering at a Hatsune Miku live concert, Nakai’s jaw goes off its hooks entirely, as he cries out in disbelief:

“Ehhhh?! What’s this? What the heck is this?! …This… it’s pretty amazing.”

See it for yourself. The Miku part starts from 1:32 (before that there’s some footage from AKB48’s Request Hour Set List 100):

Thanks for the lulz, Moe Ota News Sokuhou.

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