Update: Virtual gates to the show are now open. Also apparently Yumi Hara, who plays Takane Shijou in Idolmaster, will be making an appearance as well.

Idolmaster fans, you won’t want to miss this: tomorrow night Nico Nico Channel will be net-casting live a special “Idolmaster musical selection” talk and music show starting from 8PM Singapore time (9PM Japan time).

Guests appearing on the show include Asami Imai, the voice behind Chihaya Kisaragi, and three of the folks behind all that great music you hear in the Idolmaster anime and games.

THE [email protected] Musical Selection Suite~
To commemorate the end of the anime’s successful run! Fireworks-party special~
(THE [email protected]組曲~アニメ配信無事完了記念!打ち上げスペシャル~)
[Date & Time] Sunday January 29, from 8PM Singapore time (GMT+0800), 9PM Japan time
[URL] http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv78451386
Asami Imai (Chihaya Kisaragi’s CV)
Koji Nakagawa (NBGI/Sound Producer)
LindaAI-CUE (NBGI/Sound Creator)
Tetsuya Uchida (NBGI/Sound Director)

The show will consist of two parts: a talk part where Chihaya’s voice actress and the three series composers share their thoughts on the Idolmaster franchise and the various songs they’ve worked on over the years, as well as a music part – a non-stop mix of your favourite Idolmaster songs streamed back-to-back, commercial-free.

This is the second [email protected] Musical Selection Suite that Nico Nico Douga has hosted. The first one, broadcasted in late July last year, streamed Idolmaster songs for over 2 hours (the entire program was over 4 hours long) and saw over 110,000 viewers with an approval rating of 95.4%. Here’s the setlist (documented by a blogger in Japanese) for the previous broadcast, if you’re curious.

Source: MSN


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