One of the new functions in upcoming 3DS love-sim New Love Plus is something called Dokodemo Date, or Date Anywhere.

This augmented-reality (AR) feature takes a photo of your physical surroundings with the 3DS’s back-facing lenses, analyses the data, before inserting your chosen virtual girlfriend right into the shot, where they’ll animate and play around in 3D space.

The result? Here’s what a date with Nene Anegasaki in Shibuya would look like:

And here’s what a date with Rinko Kobayakawa in Asakusa looks like:

Finally, a date with Manaka Takane at Roppongi Hills, right in front of the official Konami store:

But you didn’t come all the way into this post just to see what an AR date with one of the Love Plus heroines looks like! No! You want to feel it too, don’t you?

You want to feel their kawaii-plus-moe-ness, right?

Konami knows exactly what Love Plus fans want, and today they’ve uploaded onto the official website for New Love Plus the following video for your perusal. This should give you a good idea of how the Date Anywhere experience would feel like!

New Love Plus for the 3DS goes on sale in Japan on February 14, Valentine’s Day.



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