Can you guess the name of the song AKB48’s Mayu Watanabe is humming in this video? Here’s a hint: it was one of the most popular tracks featured in Guitar Freaks and DrumMania. The answer is revealed from 0:35 onwards.

This clip is from variety show Quiz DoReMiFaDon, which aired last night on FujiTV. Contestants on the show – comedians, TV talents, and idols like AKB48’s Shizuka Oya – scored points by correctly guessing the title of a song purely from the first few seconds of its intro. Mayu Watanabe made a brief (pre-recorded) appearance on the show to promote her solo debut single, Synchro Tokimeki, which came out today.


Shizuka Oya’s idol/actors team (Oya, renowned model Rola, comedian Bibiru Ooki, and D☆DATE’s Shunji Igarashi) eventually clinched first place on the show, no doubt in part due to Oya’s uncanny ability to recognise Shinryaku no Susume (the theme of Ika Musume) and Sousei no Aquarion almost immediately after the intros were played. See it for yourself in the following Shizuka Oya highlight reel on YouTube, starting from the 04:50 mark.

Oddly enough, however, she wasn’t quite as quick to the batting post when it came to her own music, and even hilariously mistook Ue Kara Mariko (the song in which Oya made her first senbatsu or “front-line member” appearance) for Everyday Kachusha (beginning of the highlight reel).


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