J-Live Asia has released news of their first J-Live Asia ‘live’ details, with 2 groups flying down to perform in Singapore.


FEATURING: WEAVER & Applicat Spectra
7pm, 13.03.2012(TUE) at the *SCAPE WAREHOUSE

S$48 VIP Seating
– Best Viewing Position
– Includes Handshake with Artistes
– Exclusive Autographed Poster

S$18 General Admission
– Includes Handshake with Artistes

Tickets on sale 18.02.2012 (SAT)
Online and at the AFA SHOP at *SCAPE

Don’t know who these guys are? Check out their music!

Not sure who are they and what A-Sketch is?
A-Sketch is an artiste management company that manages artistes such as flumpool, ONE OK ROCK, WEAVER, Applicat Spectra, Hello Sleepwalkers and more! Jpop fans out there would surely have heard of flumpool and ONE OK ROCK!

Here’s a bit of information of Weaver from J-Live Asia:
WEAVER a 3 piece band featuring Piano, Bass and Drums. That’s right no guitars! Churning out a unique sound, they’ll be having an all around Japan tour from March 10th till May 17th! Covering a total of 31 cities in Japan and one more in Singapore! 

And here’s one for Applicat Spectra:
Applicat Spectra ― The next rising stars in J-Rock scene! Multiple instruments handled by each member together with Shinichi’s high-pitched voice can surely cast a spell on you!

Weaver has also made a video message for fans in Singapore! You can watch it here.

With A-Sketch as their record company, we at SGCafe think that there might be a chance of more artistes from A-Sketch to perform as well. Also, since A-Sketch is a subsidiary of Amuse.Inc, there might be a chance for higher profile artistes from Amuse coming to perform in Singapore! Some of these hints are written within J-Live Asia’s facebook page.

For a live performance featuring 2 talented bands, we sure think the ticket cost is of good value, whether you are a fan or a Jpop appreciator. Of course, SGCafe will be there. See you there!

Source: J-Live Asia Facebook


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