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The recent trend of Sh*t ______ Say videos on Youtube has caught the eyes of several Singaporean Cosplayers who decided to come up with a one! Inspired by the trend, Cosplayers, Kanasaiii, Cvy and Golden-Feline scripted, filmed and edited this video to reflect the funny, fun and just LOL side of life that Cosplayers go through.

I mean we must admit, we all have at least said “How’s your progress?” or “so gonna cosplay this!” and even “Why can’t my costume just sew itself?!” at least once in our lives. You can clearly see yourselves reflected in this video. So, I hope you will enjoy and laugh as much as I did!





Special Thanks
Dillon Ko & Kaika

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Kanasaiii :
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For more information check out the following links 


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