Shizuka Hattori, a new character featured in the upcoming film adaptation of Strike Witches, has a voice. And today we’re hearing it for the first time, in the form of a 2-minute long trailer Kadokawa published online:

Can you tell who the seiyuu or character voice (CV) behind Shizuka Hattori is?

Fans on Japanese forums have so far been unable to. One such fan commented: “Shizuka’s voice… doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard before. It could be from a newcomer seiyuu.”

Apart from Shizuka’s CV, the new trailer also teased away at developments for two other characters:

Erika-chan with new equipment

Full-armour Onee-chan

Some fan responses:

“Finally, the MP40 [note: this refers to Erika’s new equipment – at some point in the original novels she uses that weapon; but this was not covered in the anime series]! Onee-chan seriously looks like a Mexican bandit LOL”

“Woah, Erika’s equipment has changed! And just as always, Onee-chan likes to bring out the big guns, huh? LOL”

The Strike Witches movie opens in Japanese theatres March 17. Blu-ray and DVD release information has not yet been announced.

Source: Seiyuu Sokuhou


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