Singapore-based game distributor has waged war with Blizzard’s Southeast Asia distributor Asiasoft over an alleged “ban” on Qisahn selling Diablo III in Singapore. Asiasoft is a big-name distributor in Southeast Asia, hosting a large share of other MMO titles in the region, the latest being Trion World’s RIFT.

In a blog post titled “Preorder Diablo III at S$65.90/RM$160“, Qisahn alleged that Asiasoft turned off any sort of negotiations regarding news about pre-order prices along with the launch party and goodies. Quoted by Qisahn in their blogpost, “For the past one week, we tried calling / SMS-ing daily but the manager is either too busy, on leave, in Malaysia or I don’t know, just not responding.”

Details seem to be very limited at best, but it seems to suggest that Qisahn was ready to sell Diablo III below the suggested retail price set by Asiasoft. Not too happy about the alleged situation, Asiasoft have “banned” Qisahn from their supply list.

Will players be affected too? 

Qisahn is now asking its customers and blog viewers to use their price to muscle a better deal and suggesting it is going to import the title from distributors elsewhere. Qisahn has already made a name for itself in Singapore and Malaysia, as an online company that usually has better deals on their products compared to other retailers. However, Qisahn is not free from controversy itself, having admitted to falsely selling Hong Kong PSP Vita sets as Singapore sets only a couple of weeks ago.

More news to develop as this saga unfolds.

Source: NGNT


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